A whopping 40% of UK vehicles – or two in every five cars – are failing their MOT each year, new research has revealed. This does not come as a surprise to me, my Peugeot 207 has recently failed after only owning it for 5 years.

Although the figure seems unbelievably high, it is not surprising that more cars fail in today’s world than they did say a decade or more ago. As technology in cars has boomed, the MOT test has evolved, and since last year the annual vehicle inspection has expanded quite considerably; a car can now be failed for something as simple as crucial dashboard warning lights being illuminated. Other new aspects include tyre pressure monitoring systems and ensuring external door handles work.

The research, carried out by Allianz Your Cover Insurance, also revealed that the associated repair bills are costing British motorists around £2billion annually.

More alarming still, it highlighted that over 80% of drivers are unaware of the changes to the test.

In addition, the research showed that:

  • 14% of drivers had no idea why their car failed its MOT, even after being presented with a printout detailing the faults that had caused it to
  • 22% take their car for an MOT with faulty head or brake lights – which results in an immediate fail
  • 43% of drivers have ignored an advisory warning after their MOT

Jon Lott, Head of Direct Insurance of Allianz Your Cover Insurance said: “Relying only on an annual inspection of the vehicle could put lives at risk, particularly when it comes to the condition of tyres and lights.

“An MOT is just a snapshot of a vehicle’s roadworthiness on the day it goes for a test. Motorists should have an all year round attitude to keeping their vehicle well maintained because often if you leave a repair job it will only cost more in the long run, and that can include the cost of a second MOT.

“Whilst an MOT means safety checks have been made on your vehicle it doesn’t cover everything. From our research we know that 10 per cent of motorists pay a mechanic to look over their car ahead of their MOT, which can save costs in the long run.”

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