08. February 2013 · Comments Off on The BMW 4219Eli Concept · Categories: Concepts & WIP

Four-year-old Eli is the brains behind this operation, and after his ideas went viral on a Jalopnik blog, the BMW design team put little Eli’s dreams to paper. Though we can’t see them in the picture, we are to believe that the car has 42 wheels, and that it is powered by 19 engines which work together to produce around 8721bhp! We imagine that it would cost a fair bit, servicing costs would be through the roof and you would probably need to carry a fare few spare tyres, but when a car comes complete with a ‘Toy Trunk’, you know it’s worth it!4yr bmw

Unfortunately we are being told that the BMW 4219Eli probably won’t reach production…. That’s fine, I was happy with my used Renault Clio anyway.

It is always nice to see a company get involved with its fans in such a direct and light hearted way, so hats off to BMW, and congratulations to Eli, we look forward to seeing more of your work.

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